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About Us

At Leahy Management Group, our philosophy is that leadership, organization and communication are the keys to any group’s success.

Many organizations are led by those who step forward to take responsibility. Other organizations are led by default. We feel strongly that identifying, recruiting, and training your next generation of leaders is integral to your success. In addition, the level of responsibility that volunteers are encouraged to accept is critical to long term success. Utilize our experience to create dynamic organizations focused on their mission, guided by clear goals and objectives and consistently evaluating their path to success.

One of the most common challenges we hear facing non-profits is how to get their message out. Budget considerations and time schedules wreak havoc on all volunteer groups. Whether it is keeping Board members abreast of developing news, getting timely information out to a broad membership, communicating with potential members about the value of membership or finding means to receive meaningful member feedback, there are numerous challenges. Paper or electronic; monthly or quarterly; content, timing and contributors must all be considered. Let Leahy Management Group help you develop a communications strategy that is unique to your organization.

Don’t get us wrong, we do all the nuts and bolts as well. We have experienced staff who can assist your organization with non-profit administration, financial management, event planning and management, fundraising, strategic planning and governance as well. 

We are confident, however, that you can’t simply hire staff to do your job if you want your organization to reach its potential. Involved, engaged leaders provide energy and vision that cannot be “contracted” to a management firm. The best model is a marriage of committed organizational leaders and an exceptional management team. We believe that we’ve created the basis for that here at Leahy Management Group.
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